Winsome Wednesday

MOL, I am whiter than the tub.I wish I could figure out why Mommy likes to fill this giant water bowl up with water and sit in it, although I do like the bubbles she puts in there.

Mommy says I have a knack for getting where I do not belong. Mommy used to have knick knacks up here but me, Yang and Scylla kept knocking them off.

She finally gave up and removed them.

Guess I better get down I think we are fixing to go outside. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Fenris is photo-bombing me. Obviously this is suppose to be a picture of ME, but Fenris is blocking your view.

There that is better. I don't mind Fenris being in the picture with me. I like hanging out with my brother although I bet all you notice now is HIS TONGUE. Yes, Fen can touch his nose with his tongue, can you?

We are bummed because our walks in July got interrupted by this thing called a VACATION.

Mrs Tammy went on vacation to Cabo, so Mommy didn't go walking. She just sat at home enjoying the pictures Mrs Tammy posted and living vicariously. We would have liked to go walking. And last week Mommy was very very rude. She cheated on us and Mrs Tammy she went walking with some visiting family and their dog Owen, she could have brought us but did she????? NO me and Fenris got left at home.

Humans can be very rude. And she didn't even have a good excuse. I mean we know she went to the dentist and got her teeth cleaned and WE really didn't want to go THERE with her. I mean what if they had grabbed us and tried to clean OUR TEETH!!!!!!!! But there was no reason she couldn't have come up to the house and collected us before heading out for her walk.

Fenris agrees with me, but she gave us treats and he forgave her.

I on the other hand intend to hold a grudge.

Although I have forgive Mrs Tammy cause she brought us a cute kitty. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Being the only mancat means I am ALWAYS outnumbered.  Chimera can be wicked and wild...

or really silly.

Scylla can be playful and sweet...

Or Grumpy and regal. And I always seemed to be in trouble with the Calico Girls. They gang up on ME!!! It's not fair.  ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD, it's tough being the ONLY MANCAT

Scylla Sunday

Have we mentioned that silly Chimera was outside when we got our prizes. Yang, Yin and I had them all to ourselves for a nice long time.

Not only was she outside but it poured down rain and she got soaking wet. After she dried off she heard us playing and my mini me came to investigate.

I showed her how to properly play with a catnip toy. Yin carefully observed us. Have I mentioned Yin is the alpha cat, she makes sure we all play nicely together. Really as the oldest I think I should be alpha, but nope Yin took the job and she is very good at it. Unlike ME she isn't a bully.

Unfortunately she over indulged and the little minx went and played with Fenris' toys.  They have DOG SLOBBER all over them.

Then she came back and played with our toys.

I was already exhausted.

And Yang was nipped out too, so Chimera had them all to herself.

She did the bunny kick routine.

And gave it the bitey. We are pleased to report that these toys are super tough and are still around and are still GREAT FAVORITES. (PeeS: I didn't feel like doing a selfie so I asked Chimera to do one and she choose an action shot, MOL I thought she was going to kick herself right out of the picture). ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Pencil sketch of Scylla being photo bombed by Yin's tail.

Painting of Yang preparing to pounce on Scylla with a frame added

The always popular Infrared with Yang and Scylla as subjects.

Next we have some scrapbook pages Mommy did for challenges Laurel and Hardy


The Letter M

Marlene Dietrich

Marilyn Monroe

Page Mom did for St. Patrick's Day.

And our header.

Finally Friday with Yang & Scylla

Do you think Mommy might have taken too many pictures of us playing with out toys????

Just look at Yang strutting his stuff and he is mighty proud of his tail.

He says he is very sure that it is LONGER than Waffles' tail.

And of course he brags about his buns of steel.

And for some reason he thinks the girl cats want to see his tongue. Really Yang put it back in your mouth where it belongs.

I swear the boy has no sense.

~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday (Toys, Tails & Birthdays)

Let's play!!!!! Sometimes I do actually play with Yang and nip always puts me in the mood to play.

Should I do the roll or the spring?

Yin what do you think?

Nip, wonderful Nip must smell the nip.

Let's sniff nip before we play.

I really wish I had a bath tub full of nip.

I would roll in it and inhale the lovely smell all day.

I am thankful that I had a birthday yesterday, even though it means I am getting older. I want to Thank all my friends for stopping by and for their purrday wishes. I really appreciate them. I am thankful I still have my lovely tail, for those of you who are new to our blog I almost lost my tail a few years ago. And I am very thankful for our toys and for nip, we still love these toys they are amongst our very favorites. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD