Fowers on Friday

We like the Irish Bells with the Confederate Rose, the Confederate Rose should be blooming soon.

The Fetterbush is gorgeous when it blooms.

The Rosemary is thriving in this bed. It apparently didn't like the herb bed.

The Wisteria is gorgeous when it blooms.

We have both purple and white and Mommy has trained them to be trees.

The Vitex just isn't doing very well, it looked OK this Spring (April) but after we started getting all the rain it just looked sicker and sicker, we are not sure it will survive another year.

Wildflowers, Mommy can't remember their name.

This Wisteria was late blooming but it eventually got blooms and leaves to our relief.

Witch Hazel

Irish Bell close up, we love the green spots.

Another plant we can't remember the name of.

And a close up of the Wisteria. ~ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

Yin here to take you on our garden memories, these pictures were taken back in April. I helped Mommy get the plants out of the Greenhouse. Riding in the wagon is enjoyable and you can keep an eye on things.

Some of you asked if Mommy ever plants catnip in the herb bed. She does occasionally but Scylla eats it to the ground and rips it up once she finds it. The rest of us have enough sense to just nibble on it so it can survive, but not mostly no nip.

My two favorite succulents is the Mother of Millions, which has reseeded itself in practically every pot and the Desert rose that was starting to bloom in this picture. The yellow thing was nice too, but the too much rain killed it.

A lot of our succulents had a hard time with all the rain we got.

This is probably one of the best pictures of them, before some of them drowned.

The Mother of Millions blooms in the Winter/Early Spring so it is a nice plant to have.

Nice shot of the entire Flower box.

The Amaryllis starting to bloom.

And then blooming.

The rose that smells good. Right now you can't even see the bush the bed it is in has been taken over by Goldenrod and maybe Blue Sage.

Cape Honeysuckle.

Roses on the roof of the Hummingbird Cottage.

Our Whirling Butterflies

I had to ask Mommy about this picture as it wasn't taken at our house. When Mommy and Daddy went kayaking at Parker Lake they saw these wildflowers on the side of the road.

And Mommy snapped their picture. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday

Mommy was still on the eye kick and while she had a captive model she decided to take advantage of it.

I am not sure why the humans don't take me kayaking. I fit nicely in the storage compartment of Daddy's kayak.

Mommy says she doesn't think I would like it, that I would have to sit still.

And that I couldn't go jumping out of the kayak whenever I wanted.

I don't see why I couldn't I mean surely there are trees to climb.

And things to pounce on. Ah...back to the eye modeling session we go.

My golden eyes almost perfectly match my golden fur.

Mommy says the black on one side of my face sets my eye off.

But it does create a challenge whenever she is photographing me. See a lot of times in pictures the black makes that eye look smaller than my other eye. They are the same size, but the way humans see things makes them look different. Mommy says that is why profile pictures work best for me too. Or pictures like this one where the black side is closer to the camera then the mostly white side. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Meow & Bark Like a Pirate Day

Captain Tuiren with her First Mate Chimera are off to find buried treasure. Chimera is carefully studying the map for clues. While the faithful Polly squawks directions in Captain Tui's ear, and Ollie the Octopus lays in wait to capture ships that stray into his territory.
Yang has joined their crew along with his sidekicks Petey the One Eyed Cat and Nolly. Nolly's knowledge of Pirate Maps will prove invaluable in their race to find the treasure before other pirates can.

Captain Scylla has her crew lined up. First Mate Fenris will keep an eye out from the crows nest for approaching storms and pirate ships.  And the Fearless Yin will keep her sword handy in case they need it. Molly is determined to beat her twin to the pirate treasure and is giving advice, but we doubt Captain Scylla will listen to her.

Who do you think will get to the treasure first Captain Tuiren or Captain Scylla?

Personally we think Artemisia the Pirate Queen is going to beat them both.

Mancat Monday

Mommy says that us cats make it hard for her to make up the bed.

I say why does she want to make it up, we like it just fine unmade.

People are weird they are always up during the day doing things when they should be napping with us. At least the Mom spends time outside with us. I have escaped and am exploring the Hummingbird Cottage.

The Hummers are very noisy, they sound like bees buzzing and they click at Mommy when they want her to put more food in the feeder.

They are very silly too, they spend more time fighting with each other than they do eating.

I told Mommy to take a picture of THEM, instead of ME watching them, but she said they were too fast for her.

They are too fast for me too. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Mommy says me and Chimera are two peas in a pod. She is the purrfect mini me, although I don't think I was ever that wild.

Yang is a very sweet brother, he gives good baths.

And best of all I am a small cat now, MOL Yin weighs the most, then Yang, then Me (so why am I the only one on a diet?) Chimera of course weighs the least. Yang, why did you take a selfie when you were bathing me. (Sigh) looks like you are getting a twofer today and one I didn't plan, but you can see his whiskers good just ignore me please, I was trying to sleep.

Do you hold down your tail when you sleep? As you can see me and Chimera both do. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD